Friday Feature, Ox Ledge, Seal Harbor,Maine

Ox Ledge


Seal Harbor, Maine

About the property

Ox Ledge rests high on the hill overlooking Seal Harbor and the outer islands off of Mount Desert Island. Built at the turn of nineteenth century, this Shingle-style cottage was designed by architect Duncan Candler, known for the many fine summer homes he built for the Rockefellers. With 10 bedrooms and spacious porches, Ox Ledge elegantly stretches above the timeless strength of her granite foundation to capture the essence of Acadia’s quiet beauty and peacefulness. The property encompasses 8+ acres, gracefully woven into the landscape of gorgeous forests, moss covered stone, fern gardens and vistas of endless seas as far as the eye can see.  Each room offers intricate design details and there is ample space for formal entertaining and dining, while maintaining intimate warmth and comfort. From the living room, verandas, and granite terrace one can enjoy sumptuous views to the southwest over Seal Harbor and beyond. Extensive porches on two levels and large windows throughout allow for the seamless flow of natural light and a perpetual connection with nature.  Ox Ledge is where the grace and elegance of vintage times are embraced with thoughtful design and true appreciation for the natural world.


Additional Property Photos


For more information on Ox Ledge view the property listing on


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