How to Support Your Community with Lasagna!

Each year The Knowles Company team enthusiastically sponsors and serves lunch at the Community Café at The Neighborhood House in Northeast Harbor, Maine. In order to help raise money for this incredible local resource a business or organization sponsors Community Café twice a month during the long Maine winters. We are extremely grateful (thank you, thank you, thank you) to The Neighborhood House for all they do for our community (father-daughter dances, community cookouts, after-school programs, fitness classes, endless children’s activities, and a hilarious Facebook page to entertain us-complete with convincing April Fool’s Day pranks). Knowles supports their efforts and hope that you will too. Lunch is FREE for Senior Citizens and $5 for the public (or pay what you can). It is a great way to meet your neighbors, have a delicious lunch, and support the local community.

There really is something extra special about coming to work at The Knowles Company, in the dead of the winter, and discovering that it is “Café day” right down the street!

Join us on Thursday March 5 from 11:30am-1pm for an Italian Feast that includes:

Lasagna (meat and vegetarian)
Caprese Salad
Fresh Bread
Yummy Dessert

Kids create a menu

Even kids create their own menu and host a Community Cafe each year!

TKC Serves

Knowles broker Jamie O’Keefe serves at Community Cafe in 2014.

March 2014

Happy servers from The Knowles Company!

Join us on March 5th!

Join us on March 5th!

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